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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

The game continually freezes up any time I click outside of it (which happens a lot because the lagging of the game makes it hard to tell where my mouse is going to end up) and the load function doesn't work at all even when I can actually see my file. It just reloads the intro scene where the main menu shows up.

Muja responds:

Sorry but that's no "freezing up"... when you click outside of the screen, the games pauses itself. I don't think that's anything out of the ordinary...
And I'm pretty sure the game's not lagging, your internet connection is.
And the load function should work just fine, it did for everyone else.

My point is, I think you have problems with your router, not with my game.

But please let me know if the bugs persist, I'll have to look into it

man the game was fun until the sword in stone part, froze the game, had to left click to see my cursor :( I kinda feel glad autosave was off though I must've missed the part they teach you to save your game, reloading with out saving means you have to pass the ENTIRE tutorial all over. you cant skip it :( I had to go through it 3 times. I'll pass on the game until it's fixed. also if you try and skip dialogue you already heard it selects the first option. playing the same part over n over makes me impatient, nice nod to monkey island though. adobe is always glitching every game.

Muja responds:

I'm very sorry.
Unfortunately, the bug you lament is born from the new flash player plugin. It somehow conflicts with certain actionscript codes.

I found a solution for this, but I had not the time to implement it on the version of the game on this site, and I probably never will because I lost the Newground version of the file, and I should redo it from scratch.

It's unfortunate, but if you want to try this game, you'd better look for another version.
Thank you for the review!

i genuinely hate this game it constantly tries and fails to break the 4th wall in a comedic way and gives terrible excuses to why everything is poorly drawn it pushes you to beat the game the lazy way then punishes you for it? hell even the walkthrough was for the bad ending i haven't seen the other endings nor do i want to i'm guessing they're better but still terrible considering the rest of the game the only reason i even played this game was for the medals and i don't even want to get the rest because of how bad this game is.