Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

This game is one of the best point and click games I have played. It can improve on the art style though. The game is hilarious and the puzzles are a great challenge. I got all endings but for ending 3 I needed a guide, (I still hate that hero and giant bug). So for somebody who likes games like these I say give it a try and get all the endings.

Muja responds:

Ahah the hero is a reference to "Hero's Quest: so you want to be a hero", by the way
Thank you, I'm glad you liked my game this much!

yet again another game with loading problems, is funny but is just too big of a bummer that I was going to get the true ending and suddenly when I clicked load it was black for some time and then back to the main screen, really a bummer I am going to watch the walkthrough and hope it shows the ending then.....

It also happens in zombie society, the one with detective that has only one part, except that in that game is just loading forever, I would give 5 stars but this bug pisses me off, and also because you don't get enough saves you have to start all over again and is annoying a waste of time just to watch another ending

Muja responds:

... I'm very sorry. I remember this game having a bug that I never had the time to fix. basically, if you save your game while being in the "wizards area", you won't be able to load it at all.

It's too late to fix it since I don't even have the original .fla file anymore... But yes, you can find plenty of video walkthrough on Youtube.
Here's probably the best one, with all four endings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow6M3Rht-8U

I hope that will help you feel better, I really have to apologize for this stupid persisting bug.

I lost the game. >_<

Muja responds:

Ahah don't worry, you can't "lose" the game. You can cheat it, beat it or even escape it (maybe).
But I hope you had fun anyway!

Nice little "meta" game, controls are a bit clunky tho. I found the "author" ending, and watched the "escape" ending in the walkthrough, what's the 3rd one?

Muja responds:

You're referring to the "cheat the game" ending... To get that, you have to "cheat" your way to the king. If you want to know more there's a specific written walkthrough, you'll find it in the options panel

Thank you for your review!

I look alot like that robot, or that robot looks like me.

Muja responds:

Ahahahah, do you have a wheel instead of two feet, too? :D
Thanks for playing!