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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

I give up! I give up! I can't beat the pirate nor the egoistic beer drinker. Damn, I think I see some pattern in the fights, but I can't figure out how to beat them even with the walkthrough :( Anyway, the game itself is totally awesome and freshening! I really love the idea for this game and the medails are just cherry on a top. But I think it'd be better to somehow improve the magnifying glass option - idk, maybe make arrows and people clickable, while using it or make option to turn it off by clicking on it again...

Muja responds:

Your suggestion about the magnifying glass is interesting, I might think about a way to make that possible.
Thank you for your nice review!

As for your question, I can give you a hint:

----SPOILER ALERT!!---------
to win the sword duels, try to focus on the opposite of EACH word

Remember playing this way back in 2015. Like the Sam & Max reference somewhere, the bugs, Monkey Island 3d Render reference which you made for voice acting "Read it it out!!" and pretty much everything Monkey Island related, every time I see this game I want to play it again. Good job, though couldn't get ending 2 which I suspect is the Cheating ending but got all of them, also don't know how to get the Drunk Hero achievement, but whatever.

Muja responds:

Ahahah I'm glad you liked this game that much, I'm very proud of it.
Unfortunately I think it didn't get the love it would have maybe deserved, because of the graphics - which, I admit, are pretty bad.

Still, I'm very happy whenever a player had fun with this game despite the bad drawings, thank you! :)

Fantastic game..I love the humor about point and click games especially the references to Monkey Island. The hand was hilarious!
One suggestion, you should let people know that auto save if off in the tutorial. The first time I played I assumed it was auto saving. I stopped playing part way through and came back the next day to find I had no saved data.
Possibly a bug..? I had auto save on but after I got ending to I went to load data and it said no saved data.

Muja responds:

ahah, I'm glad the rude hand made you laugh! We all love Monkey Island!
Auto-save is off at the beginning because otherwise the "saving" write would pop out in each scene, and certain players might not like that. I might change this gimmick for future projects though.
Thank you for you nice review, I'm happy you had fun! :)

Apart from the art, this game feels a lot like LucasArts point and click games, specially in what comes to humor.

Muja responds:

Well that's an extremely good compliment, I really like every single one of LucasArts point and click games - but you might have already guessed that.

Thanks a lot!

Pity there's only one good ending. There's a fair bit of disparity between the different background musics, quality-wise. And ftr, the one with the trolls in it hurts my ears / head.

Also, game during loading on a play through of the good ending between wizard guys right after getting Red's wand. Went to load, got a blank, black screen. Had to start again from scratch. Pretty fun otherwise.