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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

I had a good time with this, lots of sarcastic and self-deprecating humour with a snarky protagonist kept me amused throughout, and it was good to see so many references to other well-known point-and-click titles. The graphics are a bit rough here and there, but they do the job overall. The difficulty is about spot-on, I got stuck a few times but was able to just make it without a walkthrough, having multiple solutions to puzzles and a save function helped, also there were no insane moon logic puzzles that other games in the genre can fall afoul of. Very nice all round, keep it up!

Muja responds:

I really did my best with the graphics, but I'm the first one to admit they're not very good - then, why not joke about it?

Thanks a lot for your nice review!

Outstanding! Very nicely plotted. A good little nostalgia trip with decent graphics and scenic music and sound. I liked the self-awareness and touches of humor. It's worth replaying to get all three endings, they are quite distinct! The real trick is finding both the "cheating" and "beating" methods of solving each puzzle.

A bit of a shame about the lack of voice-acting, though I suppose the cheapness was part of the charm. Voice acting can add a lot to the atmosphere of a game if done well (Beneath a Steel Sky springs to mind, in this genre).

My major reservations? Dialogue, though witty, goes on too long, and there is no way to skip through the reams of dialogue (particularly in the first room) when you replay. More complexity to the tasks might have been nice but then it would have been a longer game (I quite like a good minigame puzzle and this game didn't really have any). There were few interactable elements in any scene - a nice escape from pixel hunting, but I quite enjoy clicking on random objects or places and getting a wry description even if I can't use the thing. A little more of that descriptive dialogue wouldn't have gone amiss.

Nothing that would make me give less than five stars though. Top stuff.

Muja responds:

My bad, I admit this game contains lots of dialogues. That's also one reason why there's no voice-acting, the other being that, you're right, a good voice-acting can change a game for the better, but a bad voice-acting can change it for the worse, as well.

In short, it's hard to make a good quality voice-acting for so many dialogues and so many different characters... without spending a small fortune!

But I'm glad you liked the game despite all that, thank you for your nice review!

Love it. There has been a long review below and I can not add a lot to what has been already said except this: this game is a very functioning deconstruction of the point and click genre. It's full of jokes on many levels; the functionality breaks the usual limitations of point and click games (items can be used on different things, not just on one; puzzles can be solved in more than one way). It made me laugh, come back to it again and felt like a new experience. What else does anyone expect from a game?

Muja responds:

That's exactly the reason I decided to have multiple solutions: hardcore players would play it again, while casual gamers might be able to finish it at least once!

Thanks for your very nice review, I'm glad you had fun!

The combat is impossible

Muja responds:

Ahah it might seems like it, but it's actually very easy once you get the gist of it.
Pay close attention to what the opponent says, and counter with the exact opposite!

Thank you for your review and the stars! :)

This game is awesome and the intro music is fantastic! Excellent job, dude!

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, man!
The main theme was composed by a talented guy named Alex Berosa... Google him if you want to listen to other great music!