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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

great game one of the best point and click adventure games i've played

Muja responds:

Wow, thanks a lot!!

One of the best point & click on newgrounds of these year! Great puzzles with multiple solutions, 3 endings, very funny and a lot of love for old Lucasarts. The Duderaw name was a really obscure reference, but I got it ;)

Muja responds:

Ahah yeah, that's a pun about how the name "Guy-brush" was born :)

Thank you for your very nice review!

This game is one of the best point and click games I have played. It can improve on the art style though. The game is hilarious and the puzzles are a great challenge. I got all endings but for ending 3 I needed a guide, (I still hate that hero and giant bug). So for somebody who likes games like these I say give it a try and get all the endings.

Muja responds:

Ahah the hero is a reference to "Hero's Quest: so you want to be a hero", by the way
Thank you, I'm glad you liked my game this much!

Apart from the art, this game feels a lot like LucasArts point and click games, specially in what comes to humor.

Muja responds:

Well that's an extremely good compliment, I really like every single one of LucasArts point and click games - but you might have already guessed that.

Thanks a lot!

damn, good game, only bad thing now, maybe it's me, but when i load it i just get blackscreen :/

Muja responds:

Strange, there was a bug that wouldn't let you load your game if you were in the "wizards area", but I fixed that.
Do you remember where you saved?

I'm glad you liked the game nonetheless!