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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

Nice tributes. There is a bug, you can swap the idols without debugging Zug.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot!
And what you say is true, I thought I had fixed that bug! I'll have to look into it!

AMAZING GAME! When i clicked the game i was not hoping this much fun... The sarcasm and the humor on it are on point! Unfortunelly, i ended up with the second ending the first time i played. Amazing job with the characters and the story, i loved it! I'm giving 4 stars because after i ended the game the first time i wanted to skip the dialogues faster and skip some stuff... Other thing, the battle parts (with the pirate and the hero) ARE TOO HARD! They could be more easy.

Muja responds:

I'm very glad you had fun!! Thank you for your nice review!

Oh, and the duels are actually very easy once you figure out how they works... All I can tell you is to focus on the opposite meaning of your enemy's attack ;)

Thanks again!

I like the game and the dialogue was interesting for such length, but I am constantly attacked by concurrent looping ads with only sound and no visuals when starting the game and the game won't unpause after being paused. I keep clicking on the button for my language over the transparent ad(s) for the chance of another ad not to load again. I think they'll load forever if I let them. When the game is paused, I found no way to unpause it. The mouse was hidden and the custom cursor would not move.

Muja responds:

That's a rare bug that occured to me once... I couldn't fix it because it never happened again (at least, to me) so it's hard to uderstand what's causing it.
I hope that if you refresh the page the pause screen should work normally again.

Thanks for the review!

My mind is blown. Each ending is unique and twisted, and I just love seeing the dwarf cry.

Muja responds:

... Poor dwarf. All he wanted was a sword. Lol.

So you got all three endings? That's great, I'm glad you had fun with the game!
Thanks for your review!

Nice Rincewind reference, there.

Muja responds:

Thanks, I'm really glad you noticed! :D