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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

This game is awesome and the intro music is fantastic! Excellent job, dude!

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, man!
The main theme was composed by a talented guy named Alex Berosa... Google him if you want to listen to other great music!

This was a fun game. I enjoyed playing the game and finding all the different endings...as well as the unexpected twists to them.

Although, may I ask the name of the Title song?



Muja responds:

Thank you for your review!
The song you're talking about is named "Sudden Goodbye", and the composer's name is Alex Berosa!
I'm sure you'll find it somewhere if you google it!
Thanks again!

The combat is impossible

Muja responds:

Ahah it might seems like it, but it's actually very easy once you get the gist of it.
Pay close attention to what the opponent says, and counter with the exact opposite!

Thank you for your review and the stars! :)

wow, this was a nice, fun challenging and enjoyable game!!
i LOVE point-n-click games, so this was obviously a game genre that i would like.
also, the first thing that i noticed in this game, was the nicely drawn characters(really!), the many cool dialogue options with the other game characters(i could talk about many subjects with them, and there were many funny options to choose from in the dialogue box), the excellent tribute-drawing of the pirate guybrush threepwood, and the clever dialogue options with him! (hehehe, i found the ''rip-off'' topic really cool and funny!), but i also liked the subtle tributes to movies such as indiana jones(statue swap scene), king arthur(sword on a stone), lord of the rings(general stereotype of dwarves using only axes), and so many details that kept me entertained for hours!

i also liked that there were 2 main ways to beat the game: one is by cheating, and the other by playing in a fair way.(while thinking outside of the box).

i won by the ''cheating'' way on my first try, and i even found the drunkard(and his debugger item) on my FIRST try! that was amazing...
also, i got the ''fair'' ending with some help from the video walktr., but still, i was just stuck at the ''hero duel'' part, so i played the rest of the game fair and square.
as for the third, ''secret'' hidden ending, it was easy to figure it out.
all i needed was a wizard and a door... (hehehe)

overall, this was a HUGE point-n-click game, with alot of interesting and adorable characters, everything was nicely drawn, you made fun of everything, and in a cool way, you added many good jokes, tributes and references, while you also added some cool dialogue choices, nice hints and cool hidden info about the storyline of the game...

and it had some really cool puzzles. i liked solving them.
the owl+squirrel one at the forest was cool, and i got it! i felt happy when i solved it!

so yeah, i dont know what your opinion about your games, but i totally recommend you to do MORE games like this, and to create more games with your own drawings/drawing your characters on your own...

i mean, its alot better to draw your characters on your own, instead of (just) using sprites.
i mean, sprites are cool and very enjoyable as well, but drawing your characters has some cool ''magic'' in it...
thats all.

all in all, you have nice skills in creating cool and funny point-n-click games, you make good jokes, cool puzzles and adorable characters that will remain in my memory...
i loved seeing ron's crazy adventures in his quest to get back home!
i liked the ant-guards! i also liked the character of zog the troll(the one that was stuck running in the right side of the room), he was clever!
so yeah, you have created a wonderful game, and i would love to see more games like that in the future.
keep up the good work, man! 10/10

Muja responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for your great review, I'm really glad you had fun! This is a game I made for all the point-and-clicks fans out there, like you and me, so I'm very happy you appreciated it
To answer your "questions":

- I'll never go back to sprites!
There was a time when I thought they were my only option, that's why I used them.
After this game, many other users said my drawings can improve, but all in all it seems they're decent enough for you people to enjoy my games, and I'll definitely try better next time.

- Don't think my next game will be another point-and-click game.
I mean, I'll surely make another one in the future, but for now I'm working on two very different projects: an interactive comics series, called "Zombie Society", and a martial arts oriented rpg settled in feudal Japan, that will be titled "Grim Ronin" - the spiritual sequel of another game I made years ago, called "Street Fighter LoA".
Feel free to like my facebook page if you're interested in these games, too, or follow me here on Newgrounds!

Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with this very nice review, and thanks for playing!

One of best games I ever played. Very creative and amusing.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you had fun!