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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

I'm sorry, I couldn't get through the first ten minutes before I got bored. The writing isn't interesting or funny enough to carry an intro that long, it's basically just telling the same "Hey, we totally know we're in a point and click game! lol fourth wall, isn't it how hilarious that the artwork is terrible instead of just being terrible artwork?" joke over and over..and over.... and over... and over. The tutorial is unnecessary (it's a point and click game, if we didn't know how to click on things we wouldn't be playing it) beyond the "click something twice for a description" function, which is at least different enough that it warrants a note, but a note would have done the job. Two stars for the obvious hard work that went into it, but reviews are supposed to give a quick rundown of how good or bad something is, and I couldn't stand this for more than a few minutes.

I'll probably come back to this at some point because the other reviews suggest some interesting puzzles, but I hit bad joke saturation in record time with this one. It felt like taking a bite out of an apple and getting a mouthful of salt.

Muja responds:

Man, what a harsh review.. But at leats it gives some constructive criticism, which is always welcomed.
Let me clarify a few things:

- Yes, I guess I could have abused those kind of jokes. The thing is, the whole story and most of the puzzles revolves around this concept. The protagonist doesn't just "know" he's inside a videogame: he's a human player trapped inside the videogame you're playing. The jokes aren't breaking the fourth wall, the whole game is.

- Tutorials are ALWAYS needed. That's the first thing you learn as a game designer (and as a gamer, you learn to never skip those). Most point and click games share the same instructions, true, but each one has its own interface with its own quirks. Magnifying lens that highlight interactive items is a rare function that most player might not know about, for example.

Thanks for acknowledging the hard work I put into this, and for your review - I'll try to do better next time.
If you come back to finish the game, please let me know your opinion about it once again - send me a PM!

Had to use the walkthrough and I have no idea how to proceed.
Regardless, I really like the concept of it, graphics are pretty solid as well.


Got the banana, but I dunno how to "observe it" I drag it to myself, nothing, put it up to the magnifying glass, nothing. Tried to give it back to the monkey, nothing. HELP!

Muja responds:

It's really easy, to examine an item in your inventory you just have to double click it!
Observing an item might prove very useful in the future, too, as you might read some clues about what to do with it :)

I hope that helps, thank you for your nice review!

I really wanted to like this game, but man, if you are going to use so much dialog, make sure it's clever and/or interesting.

Muja responds:

It's weird that you put it like that.
This game has already received many reviews that praised it for its dialogues and the humour above all else, so I can't think it's really that bad...

But I understand, can't be liked by everyone. I'm glad you "tried" to like the game nonetheless

Molto carino, finalmente qualcosa di diverso :)

Muja responds:

Grazie mille per i complimenti.. E per averli scritti in italiano! Ahah, fa sempre piacere trovare un connazionale su Newgrounds!

The game never ends... until you get all the medals, I guess.

Muja responds:

Ahah well, you're not really "forced" to get them all. Many of those medals are mutually exclusive anyway, so you can't get all of them in a single playthrough.
Thanks for the stars and your review!