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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

I love point&click games. Especially if they are free :3 The game was kind of entertaining, i would say,
although i didnt laugh out loud i was smiling a lot. The humor was good and i liked the main-characters attitude towards his surroundings. The story was okay, nothing special there, but nothing special needed. It gave you the oppurtunity to insert all kinds of stuff and references. Maybe even some more references couldnt have hurt.

A little more dialogue variation wouldnt have hurt. Also if a person isnt of any use to the game itself anymore you could have made an additional dialogue (or just a phrase, for that person)

I mean, after i dublicated the vial, the "troll", wasnt of any use to me anymore, but the dialogue options were still the same (although i get that thats additional work for you).

One big flaw that appeared was, that at some point i wasnt able to load the game and had to restart the whole process ( no, biggy here, since the game isnt that long anyways) Skipping all the dialogues and replaying what i did was a bit painful though.

It is cool that the game has different endings (although i only played 1 of them and watched the other endings on youtube), but it didnt make we want to play the game again.

Main problem of the game was, it was way to easy. It was always kinda clear what to do next, no real challenge.

Nevertheless a good game. One of the better ones out there. (3,75/5) under normal circumstances, but well. This isnt one :)

Muja responds:

Yeah, for an hardcore fan of point and click game this one could seem too easy, but I didn't want to make it too hard and scare the casual player away.

Another report of the game not loading properly, now I'm getting concerned. I'll have to look into it.

As for the dialogues, I would have like to add more - but there's already a lot of those, and some users complained they were too many!

All in all, I tried to balance these aspects so to make everyone happy - but I guess that's impossible!
I'm very glad you liked the game, though! Thank you for your nice review!

This is genius. Even though there are a lot of "in" jokes that I didn't get because I haven't played the games you reference, I still appreciate all of them because I've been gaming for decades. The broader jokes about bugs, de-bugging, cheats, characters, and the genre in general are terrific.
Great satire, brilliant dialogue. The only thing I didn't like were the main-character's "this item doesn't work here" lines. They were too snarky, and I'm seriously fed-up with that whole. "Just... no" habit everyone has gotten into.

Some things made me laugh out loud. I adored the philosophy section, especially part with Zug. The dialogue when you solve his puzzle is sublime. The composer appearing in-game was cute too. I also liked the wizard scene. For some reason, I hear the main, red-headed wizard sounding like Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory. The forest trolls and the Dwarf and the princess were also highlights. In fact, so were the guards. The bald one was designed well. He had a funny expression and great dialogue.

For some reason, I was waiting for a Python reference. Something about the humor.

Even though you bash the artwork, I thought it was well-done. The characters all look humorous, and oddly familiar (your intention). The animations and expressions were effective, right down to the little pauses in reactions. A lot of developers don't consider that level of choreography. There's an overall surrealism to the experience, even once you're into the game world, the mood keeps getting broken by anachronistic characters.

Music is also good. It was a little too loud, but I enjoyed the layered tracks. Great ambiance. Good that you didn't fall into the trap of making it too silly.

The puzzles are also fun. A lot of things that seem like glitches are part of the game (such as the item you have to duplicate... I was ready to write an angry review about a dead-end in the game until I realized what you were getting at).

The three endings are appreciated, as they bring replay value. Lots of great medals too.

Sadly, there are a few drawbacks. As one of the reviews says below, skipping through all the cut scenes can be like pulling teeth if you've played before. Due to the timing of the humor and the choreography, it can take a long time to get to the action. And while I appreciate the ability to click through the dialogue, sometimes it's not enough. Worse, there were times when clicking through can hurt you. Because you designed the dialogue menu to disappear when you click away from it, hurrying through words by clicking fast can lead you to end a conversation before selecting a choice, or selecting the wrong choice. Also, I found that it was too easy to accidentally skip a piece of dialogue in the duel scenes, making it nearly impossible to know which word to choose.

I was also frustrated by the fact that the game pauses every time you click outside the window. This is a great feature for a shooter or a platformer, but this is not a game that moves in real time and requires little to no reaction timing. When aiming for options at the bottom of the dialogue menu,
items in the inventory, or arrows at the edge of the screen, it was simply too easy to miss and accidentally pause the game. Repeatedly. When that happens, you have to deal with a rather large ad window and a bunch of options.

How about the option to load a saved file in-game, rather than having to reload the page?

There were a few real glitches, too.

If you have a pirate hat, then get the pirate king taken away, when you try to get onto his ship a phantom voice says, "Where are you going? This is MY ship!" (or whatever words he says) as though he was still there.

I had one a save-game glitch. When I reloaded, I noticed that the file had no screenshot, although the play time was there. When I tried to load it, I got a black window. After a few seconds, the game rebooted.

Because the game can be so time-consuming, I think it should auto-save. Once, I accidentally clicked an outside link, lost the page, and had to start from scratch. The auto can be separate from the player saves, so the game can still saved in a chosen state to explore different endings. But every time I had to reboot, I wished the game picked-up where I'd lost it.

The "You're a Hero" medal didn't open up the first time I won it. I had to reload my save game and fight the duel against in order to get it.

Mechanical errors. In the end, it's a great game. Clever, polished, and funny.

Hope to see more from you! Keep rockin'!

Muja responds:

Wow!! What a long, detailed review! And it's got constructive criticism, too! I coudln't ask for more!

I accept all your complaints/suggestions, as it seems you're practically right about everything.

The only thing that surprises me is the loading bug - I tested the game a thousand times in the last months, and it never happened to me.
I hope it's just a rare bug and nothing with the potential to ruin the experience.

Anyway, thanks a lot, again! Reviews like yours are one of the reasons I like submitting my games on Newgrounds :)

This game was pure entertainment..not sure why some are having trouble with the battles, but I found them fun and challenging. Kudos!

Muja responds:

Let's just say the solution to that puzzle is so simple you tend to overlook it.. but that's the point of it!
Thanks a lot for your review!

The game continually freezes up any time I click outside of it (which happens a lot because the lagging of the game makes it hard to tell where my mouse is going to end up) and the load function doesn't work at all even when I can actually see my file. It just reloads the intro scene where the main menu shows up.

Muja responds:

Sorry but that's no "freezing up"... when you click outside of the screen, the games pauses itself. I don't think that's anything out of the ordinary...
And I'm pretty sure the game's not lagging, your internet connection is.
And the load function should work just fine, it did for everyone else.

My point is, I think you have problems with your router, not with my game.

But please let me know if the bugs persist, I'll have to look into it

I give up! I give up! I can't beat the pirate nor the egoistic beer drinker. Damn, I think I see some pattern in the fights, but I can't figure out how to beat them even with the walkthrough :( Anyway, the game itself is totally awesome and freshening! I really love the idea for this game and the medails are just cherry on a top. But I think it'd be better to somehow improve the magnifying glass option - idk, maybe make arrows and people clickable, while using it or make option to turn it off by clicking on it again...

Muja responds:

Your suggestion about the magnifying glass is interesting, I might think about a way to make that possible.
Thank you for your nice review!

As for your question, I can give you a hint:

----SPOILER ALERT!!---------
to win the sword duels, try to focus on the opposite of EACH word