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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

Great game !!! I love it ! And the references to classical point n' click games are brilliant !
I was wondering when the Zombie Society sequel will come out ? Thanks !

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, Kirby1kenobi, I'm glad you liked the game!
And I'm also glad to inform you that Zombie Society is going to be my next project once again!
I'm working right now on a remastered version of the first episode, with muuch more interaction, so much that I though it justified relaunching the series.

However, being the second and third episode almost ready, too, you won't have to wait too much for the other episodes as they'll come out every two months or so.

Like our facebook page to be informed when the first new episode will come out
Thanks again!

Great game ! A shame the loading didn't work...

Muja responds:

I know, there's a bug and I finally figure out why that happens.
The saving/loading doesn't work only if you save the game while you're in the wizards area.
Only there.

I'm going to fix the problem soon, and then you'll be able to load even the old saved files.

But sure is funny to notice that you all tend to save the game right there! lol

Thanks for the review!

*UPDATE* The bug has been fixed. You should be able to load your old game with no problem.

Really nice and fun game! thanks a lot :)

Muja responds:

Once again, thank YOU for playing! :)

For whatever reason the vial wasnt working on the yawn, didnt realize I had to "duplicate" them and it didnt really state that when I read the walkthrough, had to start over which was fun to go through that dialog for the 4th time (wanted all medals). Overall good game wish I could skip through the cutscenes but meh fast clicking away.

Muja responds:

Thanks, it's nice to know that you liked the game to the point of playing it four times
Thank you for your review!

thanks muja

Muja responds:

Thank YOU for playing! :)