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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

Fantastic game..I love the humor about point and click games especially the references to Monkey Island. The hand was hilarious!
One suggestion, you should let people know that auto save if off in the tutorial. The first time I played I assumed it was auto saving. I stopped playing part way through and came back the next day to find I had no saved data.
Possibly a bug..? I had auto save on but after I got ending to I went to load data and it said no saved data.

Muja responds:

ahah, I'm glad the rude hand made you laugh! We all love Monkey Island!
Auto-save is off at the beginning because otherwise the "saving" write would pop out in each scene, and certain players might not like that. I might change this gimmick for future projects though.
Thank you for you nice review, I'm happy you had fun! :)

It's interesting to read the dialogues between different characters. However, it took too long to get out of a scene. Ron would be stuck in the game forever as I decided to discontinue it.

Graphics are nice and animated in a good way.

Muja responds:

You're right, I realised that certain dialogue sequences are too long, especially if you're replaying the game to get all the medals.
I'm going to upload a new version with certain bug fixes.. and a "skip" button for those scenes!

Try coming back in a few days, I hope then you'll find it more enojoyable.
Think of Ron!!

ahah, and thanks for the review

Nice little "meta" game, controls are a bit clunky tho. I found the "author" ending, and watched the "escape" ending in the walkthrough, what's the 3rd one?

Muja responds:

You're referring to the "cheat the game" ending... To get that, you have to "cheat" your way to the king. If you want to know more there's a specific written walkthrough, you'll find it in the options panel

Thank you for your review!

Great game, (havn't finished yet) but i notice few bugs (real ones i think):
(by the way, sopiler alert)

1. I got the pirate hat with the idol way, but i did made guybru... oups, duderaw arrested. and now when im trying to get on the ship it's acting like duderaw is still there saying "this is my ship"
2. Its that zug is blocking your way from getting to the idol, but you can still switch the idols when he's still there.
3. Im already a pirate and a wizard, and i ask for a hint from guido, and he said: "congrets, you are now a pirate wizard AND hero, you can go see the king..."
4. im not sure if its a bug or not, but i cant seems to win the hero, even when i program him.

otherwise, great game.

Muja responds:

Thank you for your nice review!
I just checked, and 1-2-3 are actual bugs. Luckly all of them are minor bugs that won't stop you from completing the game.
I'm going to fix those soon anyway

As for point 4.. There IS a way to defeat the hero in a duel. Keep trying to reprogram the hero, and notice WHEN he heals himself.

Thanks again!

I do not need to add much to what other commenters said. Very nice game, spirit and music.

Various persistence bugs as noticed (the pirate speaks as he is still on the ship even after being arrested, the player sees the hero's beer bottle even after the hero smashed it, the insane says you still have the item to duplicate even after using it...).

Considering these bugs, now I have given the dwarf's tears to the wizard for his stew and I have no more bottle for drugging the hero. I am inclined to think it is a bug, since I did not find alternate path after several wanderings. I am sorry I do not feel restarting. Maybe I will try something else every some time...

Allow me to suggest to put a version indicator somewhere in the start screen so we can check the game development and elimination of bugs.

Great game anyway, I will watch for other ones from you.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, for the review and the listing of bugs!
I'm going to upload a new version with all these things fixed next week, plus some "bonus"... I'll tell you when it's ready!

By the by, the "bug" you mentioned about the dwarf tears... ain't no bug at all. You still have a chance to become a hero even without those, but you'll have to find another way..

thanks again!