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Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

i genuinely hate this game it constantly tries and fails to break the 4th wall in a comedic way and gives terrible excuses to why everything is poorly drawn it pushes you to beat the game the lazy way then punishes you for it? hell even the walkthrough was for the bad ending i haven't seen the other endings nor do i want to i'm guessing they're better but still terrible considering the rest of the game the only reason i even played this game was for the medals and i don't even want to get the rest because of how bad this game is.

Pity there's only one good ending. There's a fair bit of disparity between the different background musics, quality-wise. And ftr, the one with the trolls in it hurts my ears / head.

Also, game during loading on a play through of the good ending between wizard guys right after getting Red's wand. Went to load, got a blank, black screen. Had to start again from scratch. Pretty fun otherwise.

So...I beat the game with all three endings and yet I'm missing a medal, which one am I missing?

Ci avevo giocato quand'era appena uscito e oggi, la sera di halloween, mi è tornata voglia di rigiocarci. Mi ha di nuovo fatto molto piacere : ) grazie mille per i bei punta e clicca

P.S. adesso il link del walkthrough manda a un sito ormai in vendita :D

Muja responds:

Sono contento che ci sia ancora chi ci gioca, grazie per la recensione!
... Sì, il sito che aveva comprato i diritti per questo gioco non esiste più, però puoi trovare la guida sulla mia pagina Facebook @interactales
Grazie ancora!

Just paying a little revisit here still at almost 2020, nice piece considering all things in the bag, plot twists, humor... drew quite a few smiles on my face.
Checkng in for the sequel n_n

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, glad there's still people enjoying this old game..!
Unfortunately I don't think it'll ever have a sequel..!