Reviews for "Kissy Square"

Some squares are red,
some squares are blue.
Why some squares kiss
I don't know, do you?

Still, the squares are amusing,
With their fun-filled-feat.
To move up and down in a straight line,
For someone sitting in a seat.

If the blocks did collide,
and collide they did,
It would be akin to,
A squid suckling a squid.

But anyway, but now,
I gave you 4.5.
Because your game is as fun as
Dancing the jive.

I leave this review,
But with one more jest:
Why do squares have to collide;
Why can't they kiss like the rest?

theres a fun way to explot the game just get the two blocks as close as possible then just make them go horizatonial and when they line up make them tocuh

Wow. Who knew kissing was this much fun! XD

This Game helps with my skills in runny square and vice-versa. Great Squeal!

NeithR responds:

Thank you! :)

Getting a blind kiss is the hardest thing that I have done this week *ADD MASTURBATORY JOKE HERE*.

NeithR responds:

lol :D