Reviews for "Kissy Square"

really addicting

You know what? Given the game's simplicity, its idea just works.

I am not sure whether you will agree with me or not, but I suggest finding some artists to create some kissing characters and replace the squares. This game could be more than just boxes and could get more romantic with the right visual presentation.

Simple graphics made for a rather entertaining game. I think it's a fun little thing to do for a little while, but even so it's novelty wears off rather fast. Overall I'd say that it's a very nice game that could have been improved.

Simple graphics and story, but pretty fun and cute. Who would know that some squares like kissing squares, and other squares like kissing walls? A little tricky puzzle to well start the day.

Quite good fun - wonder what this was like before the difficulty change, it's definitely pretty tricky as it is. The timing is hard to judge, but in a way that doesn't feel unfair.

NeithR responds:

Yes, the previous version was very difficult even to get 1 point. Also, the squares were already small size in the beginning.
Thanks for playing!