Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball"

The sounds definitely make this game more enjoyable. I really like the concept of breaking through that first level to get to the upper tier, I do wish there were more levels though. Regardless its great fun.

My child laughing as mad when I play the game :) Gameplay and controls are smooth and direct, no bugs, no slow downs. Graphics are cool and stylish.
Great game in skill genre.

Good, but a little easy. You can just mash the flippers and you'll pretty much never lose the ball, which isn't the best on the lower playing field but can get you to 100k points easily on the upper playing fields. There's also not enough variety in the shots - just a couple bumpers and some rollover targets (ducks.) At first I was expecting the playing fields to be infinite, with every direct shot through the top leading to a new field. That would have actually been pretty cool. As it is, this just feels gimmicky. Fun for the few minutes it lasts.

Great Game!! The leaderboards will begin to stack ~ I think it's hilarious that there are random goat noises, and there is no goat depicted in the game whatsoever. Good music choice too.

+ controls are easy
+ the graphics is so-so
- annoying sounds
- for me, the game is interesting only for a short while
Music: 1,5/5
Graphics: 2,5/5
Controls: 5/5
Gameplay: 2,5/5