Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball"

Well, I just got 496,410 and it did not update my score from the previous 377,124. If you could work on fixing that then this game would be awesome. Also one of the times when I was playing it just stopped and I could not make the bumpers move and it automatically made me lose.

The game is simple, and at least scoring is easy to do. And the ball doesn't weigh a ton like other online pinball games I have played.

Unfortunately, the ball can go a little fast and the scrolling of the screen can make one dizzy (at least it does to me) Plus I feel there are not enough gimmicks in this game to keep me occupied.

Still, I will admit it was fun to try out. Keep up the good work.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for giving it a try!

Not bad at all c:

I loved this if only because of how easy it was! I pretty much didn't have to do anything except press the same buttons over and over. I was fascinated by how there were so many people with higher scores. I mean, after getting all the medals, I saw little point, lol! This is still quite inventive. You just really love sharks.

I also loved the Daffy Duck quotes. You used those in Castle Cat too. It's just amazing how this goes on forever. The music is great too. It makes no sense, but is lots of fun.

Wiesi responds:

Hey, thanks for reviewing! :)

This game is strangely addictive. All I wanted to do was button bash mash, so that I can stay away from losing. Just wish there was more to the game. Like previously said; add more levels or something.