Reviews for "Crazy Shark Ball"

I think i broke my keyboard

Jabberjaw? Lol

Loved the sounds especially :D

Nice little game ! Easy but fun, I got all the medals in one game ! More different pinball tables would be great !

I hate to give this no stars because I'm sure you worked hard on it, but my goodness this is a health concern. You really need to add a seizure warning! I'm sorry but I get very mad at developers who don't add one on in their games. I myself have never had a history of seizures, but I get very concerned for people who do. Someone could have been playing your game and as soon as they got to the top level, seeing the flashing levels could have induced one in them.

I'm sure it helps that they are pastel colors, and not bright blinding colors, but I'm pretttty sure that could still induce a seizure. I'm not trying to sound like a dick but for the safety of others, I would get rid of it. But in all honesty, seizure risk aside, flashing lights are annoying for gamers. It makes it really hard to focus. If that was your goal, if you were TRYING to make it difficult for the ball to stay on top, may I suggest instead making the screen blurry or shaky, instead of flashing lights? Again, that's a big danger to people! And we want to make sure people are safe.

Lol I was gonna say this feels like something Mausland would've made I scroll down of course it's you IT'S ONLY YOU. And it's just freaking perfect batshit insanity <3

Wiesi responds:

Haha! Thanks for playing! :)