Reviews for "Stick Squad - 4"

this game has a lot glitches you cant even beat the game.

it is grate till 5

Well, I'd be lying if I didn't say the presentation lacked polish, or dare I say is even sloppy, but let's not get into that just yet.

Firstly I feel this takes the genre of sniper and stick sniper games to a new level in some respects- one that's fun and has some unique points to it. I found myself spending a few hours on this without a care in the world, so the entertainment factor definitely delivers.

Here comes the bad part.

The game is loaded with grammatical and english errors (many of which are overt, such as missing periods), subpar voice acting, a simple and very poorly guided narrative, poor clarity for mission objectives, and worst of all: bugs.

I'm willing to give very few craps about the english/grammatical errors, as they likely indicate the developer(s) are not of an english speaking country, so 100% accuracy isn't necessarily a realistic or fair goal in that respect.

I'll start with the most objective of these points, the bugs. There were a few missions where revisiting had this sort of vomit lying around. It could be giant horizontal stripes of red lasers in the castle where snipers previously lased guns at you, or the pistol firing range with a HUD indicator over a single target rapidly flashing green and red.

Further, there was a unique firing range challenge thing that didn't work at all. Entering it would render the wrong gun half the time with a bunch of lasers, unused hud elements, and flashing junk lying around, with the controls locked shut. On top of that, a handful of levels had challenges where you shoot through glass at targets in target mode, but the glass is impermeable as far as I can tell. Someone already mentioned this, and while I would sort of suspect it's related to stats/rifle used, I'm increasingly doubting this, and have to admit if this WAS the case, it would be rather pointless and poor in choice, as these challenges are rather forgettable and used as disposable filler for getting better items, so why do them with top gear?

On the topic of clarity, I have to admit I had to scratch my head and mess around a bit on many missions, more so than comfortable. One minute you have dialogue explaining a level or the story to some tiny degree, and the next there's awkward silence with a mission text description you have to exit to re-read, and almost unanimously relates to setting and not actual objective. Finally, the tips employed were sadly non-randomized and often very poor, but I can understand, on one hand, wanting the player to figure things out for the sake of gratification.

I will admit in one case (where you have to shoot the light at night) this was important to the exploration and achievement to the mission, to back up that example, but outside of that you often have no idea who you're looking for, why you're at risk of failing some approaches, and what to do when your initial guesses run out, which left a lot of lopsided frustration and confusion, more so than necessary I would argue.

I think I got to a final-ish level, but it's extremely unclear quite frankly. I start on a rooftop with a 100% replaying, non-skippable cinematic that gets very old. I'm told very little about my situation, and then have to leap to adjust my gun's windage/offset (though the cinematic DOES let me do this, it's a colossal waste of time and a testament to bad design, as the cinematic gets incredibly annoying and shouldn't be used for adjusting, as it is basically cheating via controlling your character in what is generally deemed a non-control use situation) and then look across a very fast scene with my little scope circle to find what the hell is going on, maybe shoot 1 guy barely in time, then magically die from a large avalanche of bullets fired by gunmen I don't have time allotted to search for and anything static I can't identify no matter how many times I retry, and quite frankly it feels very cheap. In fact it's so insanely cheap, I'm largely convinced it may very well be a bug of its own, but it seems oddly specific to be so.

Additionally, this exact situation has heavily influenced my review's tone due to the emphasis on lack of clarity, objective, and what is being done wrong... which is what I most readily identify as this game's faults, sadly.

There are some fun concepts being employed here, and a good amount of content I would argue, but bugs, poor narrative, and poor ambiance drag it down to a game I would identify as barely above average, although it is definitely above average no matter how you look at it. If polished up, I would be okay with rating this 4 stars, but for now my verdict rests as this:

7/10, 3/5 ~WCCC

Yet another cool installment in the Stick Squad series... the story continues, with new weapons, more slow-motion headshots, more missions... and the same clichés as always. But I have to say that although not many new things have been added... this game pushes clichés up to comical levels, which makes it very hilarious and exiting to play. As always, I made a small let's play on it right here: https://youtu.be/GVX9QWRf7kI . The second part will come up soon. Keep up the good work.

Very nice game, interesting and addictive. Just a little disappointed that lvl 20 is bugged for me (ennemies shot me in 1 second even if they did not appeared yet) making the game unfinishable but still very good.