Reviews for "Stick Squad - 4"

haha I guess the 1st guns suppressed

Why Do I Play as a sniper ;_; i hate being sniper I want to be one those guys to fight on the battlefield Am out of here.

Bad game at all, last level is impossible, i get shot 5 times and i die...and the enemies are invisible.

Weird mixture of high production values (e.g. graphics and cut-scenes) and low (e.g. voice acting is poor, and would have been worth getting script copy-edited by a native speaker).

Not a fan of being constantly spammed that I should spam other people on social media for a few thousand game-dollars...

I didn't find the gameplay all that fun, a lot of the mission designs were tedious and the instructions (deliberately?) unclear. Some levels you only get three stars for going out and having an almost-immediate shot. Other levels you're meant to wait minutes, sometimes replaying the thing a few times, until you can predict their paths perfectly. However I know this kind of game mechanic is popular with some players so would have to say you did a fairly good job at it. What strikes me as odd is how much effort went into this game when a lot of the improvements (e.g. buggy behaviour and the script-writing) could have been fixed fairly easily.

this is really cool, but some of these levels are incredibly tedious and the objectives/ targets are poorly explained. i love sniper games like this and there are a lot of aspects of this title that are really great, but i absolutely should not have to sit around staring at levels for 2,3 or more minutes before i have a chance at success (yes, im talking about the gaming expo level, which i must have spent a lifetime on waiting for a good shot and then missing because the dev's head wasnt even visible)

it's great that you've added more depth than most sniper games of this [caliber HAHAHAHAHHA], but i really think this goes a little too slow for my taste. you should consider giving the player some options for how complete they want the level to be, because however satisfying it is to finally get that perfect shot, it's a real drag to struggle through all the frustration and tedium.

that said, great job. im only mentioning these criticisms because i thoroughly enjoyed the game and i'd like to see more