Reviews for "Stick Squad - 4"

Sniper games are always awesome, back in the day playing stick assassin or sift heads was great. This is a fresh experience that anyone could enjoy.

in mission 1 i see tf2 shotgun

While not too bad a game, there are a few issues. England, Mission 4, Objective 2: Most of the targets cannot be shot at for some reason (I shot at several targets, but only one registered a hit). Also, most of the time, the mission won't tell who the actual target is, or even give a small hint about them. At the beach, you're simply told to make it look like an accident, but you're not told who your target is and must simply guess. At the golf course, you're still not told which person is your target, merely told to take him out. And if you fail, the only information you're given is, "Calculate their movements," which doesn't really help discern which of the three golfers is your target. All in all, the game isn't too terrible, but these really need to be fixed because, as it is, this game is nigh-unplayable at a certain point. Personally, I give a 3 out of 5.

broken: at the target shoot by the glass can not be shoot

Shit descriptions for missions