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Reviews for "Jurassic World Parody"

5 stars for the following:
1) Gremlins 2 reference
2) Raptor D-Rex conversation
3) The reference of how annoying these freaking kids the movies center around are
4) Noting that they should have used the bazooka on the D-Rex while they talked
5) Referencing no one checking the dang video to see how it "got out"

Samination responds:

I honestly was waiting for the Raptor (blue) to talk to Owen at the end of the film, or give him a thumbs up. I wonder how long before we get talking Raptors in the countless sequels this movie is going to spawn?

You practically made out the entire plot of the movie.

Samination responds:

Almost. Sadly I had to cut a lot of jokes as I made the video in a week.

Amusing spoof.

Samination responds:


The part where you made the Indominospizzahutwhatever Rex whimper like a dog slays me LMAO!

Samination responds:

Haha. Yeah! Good times. :)

I like Jurassic world. Yeah, there is a list of dumb stuff in it like the things you pointed out in this parody. But you could make one about the other movies too.

Samination responds:

Of course, but this just came out. Jurassic Park has some stupid stuff in it, but this movie takes the award.