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Reviews for "Jurassic World Parody"

special actually

A very solid parody of Jurassic World. I would have liked some diversity in the voices.

I recommend.

If I had seen something like this for the new indiana jones movie, star trek movie, or any recent major reboot of a popular movie franchise, I could have saved a few hours of my time.

Thank you, for your public service. This will be a hazily remembered netflix special before long, I am sure.

it was painfully accurate ...

Nice... You ripped Jurassic World good. Now you missed a couple of obvious ones to chase like the Petries trying to drag humans off even though as prey we would have been way too big for them...

Still... good title music! This was in essence a decent parody with a couple of really good gags tossed in overstating the obvious and also showing how much water this movie's script held. Lets just say screen door in a submarine water tight. Not a dripping faucet leak here. Plot holes abounded in Jurassic World and you took good advantage of it. Also the sarcasm of the humor... additional points. You almost landed a five star here. Props. It was funny. Why did you leave out their equivalent of a Red Shirt? You know, little miss Pterodactyl food except the Lyplurodon who found them both tasty snacks. I mean there is a joke hiding in that. The Lyplurodon eats the two of them and then looks at another Lyplurodon and asks if Chicken is fattening. Then the same Lyplurodon asks if Human is fattening. "I'm supposed to be on a diet."

Then again I would have given you the fifth star if you had a Pink Unicorn shouting to the Lyplurodon, "Hey Leo, Where's That 20 Dollars YOU OWE ME!" (That would have been a direct shout out to Charlie the Unicorn and their use of the Lyplurodon as a character.

Why didn't you include the Lyplurodon eating the petri trying to carry off the woman?

Still... LOL.

Samination responds:

A scene about the Pterodactyls and the Liopleurodon was in the original script, but had to be cut for time. I made this in a week.