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Reviews for "Jurassic World Parody"

Not too shabby, and the puberty joke made me lol.

HAHAHA! belly aches!

In my opinion the movie was great, but this one is even greater.

exacly correct in every way.

Well done mate. This was a part of why I disliked the movie so much. They are only feeding senseless stereotyped movies to the people like these nowadays and the worst is that they don't even realize it and enjoy the next "action/stereotype fueled" crap load.

There is another thing you could have added: the scene where the kids REPAIRED A 50 YEAR OLD RUSTY JURASSIC PARK VAN BY HAVING NO MECHANICAL EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER. That one really made me want to strangle the movie's producer... No. Really... This movie was an insult, compared to the other 3 Jurassic park movies. I will never quit to say how disappointed and disgusted I was after watching such a waste of my precious time.

Anyway... Keep up the good work. Your animations are awesome!