Reviews for "The Anatomical Bust"

Artists in a nutshell XD

I make a series just about trying to be an artist.
It doesn't hit much closer to home than this.
I must show this to my viewers.

The accuracy of this video is stunning!

I remember that in high school i sat with this group of girls everyday at lunch. and one day one of them asks me, "so is she supposed to be wearing a bra on top of it?" and i just looked at her perplexed.
And so they tell me that breasts don't look that way and they proceeded to try and tell me how breasts lay normally. that was a long and awkward day of lunch. I have had a few girlfriends now, and i know what they should look like, but I'm still never sure I'm drawing them well XD

Excellent animation, story telling, and art.

Wow, that's really Awesome!
I remember it being the most akward thing in the World to draw a Girl.
And i did exactly what our young Protagonist did,
but my Mother was Co0l about the last part, she knew that i would only look at something like that to draw.