Reviews for "The Anatomical Bust"

Oh my god, I feel this kid's pain xD Boobs are harder to draw than you'd think... even for me, and I have my own pair! I was laughing the whole time, this is so relatable and silly.


Great idea, and yes, so true!

Superior quality animation, voice acting, humor and overall flash!

5/5 Overall!!!

Seems like it would be good, but much of the video was blacken and pixelated. I thought it was my machine at first, but other videos here all work fine. Gotta fix that.

But the idea and what art I could make out looked good. May just need to resubmit this one. Freaky.

Parimak responds:

It's fine on my end, as well as many others I had make sure the video was fine. The problem is definitely on your end.