Reviews for "The Anatomical Bust"

Ahh, the struggle of every boy on the road to manhood.

yup... that's how it went

Holy cow, that was really good! Loved the writing and voice acting, and your animating skills are top notch. Well done!

very funny and accurate, I felt the same way drawing growing up and I'm glad there's so many others out there who know just how hard it is to get that curve right when you're learning. a woman's got a funky flow with shapes that are just hard to capture, it takes time to get the feel right.

Oh god, the struggle... it is real. I feel for this kid, I really do. You'd think it'd be easier to draw a simple curved line, but breasts are a SPECIAL curved line, one that's nigh impossible to draw correctly...

Anywho, the one complaint I really have with this animation is that it's a tad predictable. As soon as he looked at his computer, I knew exactly how it was going to end. Even if I hadn't been through pretty much exactly that myself, I probably would've guessed...

That said, it was still an amusing little animation. It was visually pleasing, and like I said before, very, very relatable, so four and a half stars for you, friend!