Reviews for "Dreamt"

It's short, but so oh-so detailed and expressive! It's a moment in time.. in a dream state, probably only a few seconds. How may frames was this? Maybe an animator could advise you about frame-rate, tweening and stuff like that, but I think it's wonderful, and unexpected!

I hope you get some constructive feedback, but really, this was over and above what I thought you were capable of!

zephyo responds:

thanks!! frames hmm 700-1000 something like that?
lol we all have unlimited untapped potential u know

Crazy how an independent artist can make something like this, especially considering you're 16. This is utmost impressive. I also checked out some of your other work and was blown away. Again, for a 16 year old, this is an extremely high level of quality! Congrats, you got yourself one more fan! :)

please do more asap. This was absolutely gorgeous and I would like to see more!

beautiful 5

Incredibly impressed like I said before. 10/5