Reviews for "FIRE STORM!"

this is 1 fat tune man!!!!!!!

this tune so so cool i think ime gona put this all of my futcher productionds nic 1 man!!!!

Thattixx responds:

Cool!!!! I'm really glad that you liked it.

Yeah Finally *Apocolypse*Baby

This the best music for Judgement Day don't you agree in a manner to Grab World Domination.

Rock The Fuck On Bro And Show The World What Your Made Of.


Thattixx responds:

Thanks dude! "show the world what you are made of" damn that's some intense encouragement! I love it!


This is an Epic song. You should make another thats longer though. Maybe with an even better beat.

it's got a good reberating beat

like the ones you find in defense games.awesome purely fricken awwesome.


the 1st second i knew this song was gona b mad, the melo is awesome