Reviews for "FIRE STORM!"


You definately have talent. I will most certainly use this for a game in the future!

:PS, Eletronic Gangster is great too, but I dont feel like writing two reviews. Im lazy.

Bookmarked for sure! 5's!

Thattixx responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! I'm glad to hear that others think I have talent.

Great Work

In an art forum collab called 'Flash Playing Cards' this was nominated to be the music. Iit won in a landslide, and I'm not at all suprised why. I've listened to quite a lot of techno, but I can confidently say this is the best piece I've ever listened to. Look out for the collab, it'll come out in about two weeks. Great music!

Thattixx responds:

WOW! I am honored! Thank you!

P.S. I'll be sure to check out the collab when it comes out. I'm sure it will be great!


this is a good piece man.
its realy well structured, keep it up.

Thattixx responds:

Structure is key in music. Thanks man!


Loved the song....The title, is this from a DDR game XD If I recall, a DDR song was called Fire Storm, I think XD...Loved it, DL it and ugh! it was great!

Thattixx responds:

Hmmm....I'm trying to remember if I can remember the song from DDR you are talking about, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. Oh well. I appreciate your download, and I'm really glad you loved it.


dude this song is so amazing i never realized that i left it on and was still listining to it... for 30 minuits!!! 55555/5