Reviews for "FIRE STORM!"


this is a good piece man.
its realy well structured, keep it up.

Thattixx responds:

Structure is key in music. Thanks man!

20/10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo, This is definatly better than cornand beans's fire storm!!!

Thattixx responds:

I'm glad you think so : D


Great song, reminded me of CornandBeans

Thattixx responds:

Thanks man! CornandBeans' Fire Storm is pretty damn good, so I'm glad to know that this one can compare.

This is just great

great song man i like it a lot

Thattixx responds:

I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the review :D

My fave

WOOOOOOOT!!!! that says it all :)

Thattixx responds:

WOOTZ! thanks for being such a great fan, galon!