Reviews for "FIRE STORM!"

Nice bro

i thought it had a great beat man.

Thattixx responds:

Thanks bro


I really like the snyths that you used in this.The melody does get a little repetitive but its not that bad though.

Thattixx responds:

Thanks Randy. I added the counter-melody to stay away from too much repetition, but I guess I could change the melody around some too, although I truly feel it's the most effective the way it is. Anyhow, thank you.


Loved the song....The title, is this from a DDR game XD If I recall, a DDR song was called Fire Storm, I think XD...Loved it, DL it and ugh! it was great!

Thattixx responds:

Hmmm....I'm trying to remember if I can remember the song from DDR you are talking about, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. Oh well. I appreciate your download, and I'm really glad you loved it.

awesome man!

i love tecno ur song rock how do u make tecno can u teach me?but it wont be as good as ur song.

guy who loves tecno,

Thattixx responds:

Thanks man, glad you found it awesome! Umm pm me sometime and I can tell you how the basics on how to make techno


Excellent music, man! (or woman) Your song is kickass! Make more like this!

Thattixx responds:

Glad you liked it man (man btw)