Reviews for "FIRE STORM!"

Very good name for the song!

I love the name for your song. Very well choosen!

well good

This song is different i love the timing of all the different instruments how can i explain um ok each comma is a note ,.,..,,..,..,., its superb


This is an Epic song. You should make another thats longer though. Maybe with an even better beat.


Theres something about this song that sticks in my head. I love the different sounds going on. Great job and ill definitely be checking out your other stuff.

Thattixx responds:

Your generous input is appreciated


but not legendary.... its right where i want it...

and @ Azn4Life92

that song your talking about might be called Sandstorm not firestorm thats the only Storm i remember...

Thattixx responds:

you're probably right