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Reviews for "Nomzilla: Munching Mayhem"

It look really nice and is fun/simple but would be awesome with some more features like growing faster or more powerful or getting upgrades along the way.

Interesting game especially the art, but you could push more potential into it like special power, evolution forms, power up, and people's scream. Good luck! :)

Fun for a bit, and cute art style, but it would be more fun if the monster evolved a bit as your score increased.

Graphics are pretty. Music simple but good enough. Shame there is no target or end to the game.

Really cute. ^_^ As people said before me, the music is repetitive. However, the graphics are excellent, and I just can't get enough of the nomming movement of our little monster.

It does feel a bit of a letdown that I don't have much to achieve except a high score, and to me, it does feel like a drag doing it over and over again. But let me just say right off the bat, for a 48-hour job, I can easily let that slip. It is bugless, and works fine. Good job.