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Reviews for "Frankenstein: Do-It-Yourself!"

Honestly my only motive for continuing playing was to receive points.
I lost interest withing the first few seconds yet proceeded to see if a change would occur.
The game does seem smooth though and is a great platform for an even better game I am sure you will present. (:

Great stuff! Nice gameplay and it felt well made, just wish it had some music in the background to create a more spooky atmosphere. But overall I had fun playing what I did and it'll be something I'll go back too when I have more time!

Awesome stuff!

Nice game but too dull. You could add some defensive options for example.

I think this could be fleshed out with professional graphics + sound and more in-depth gameplay to become something good.

Alright, here are my thoughts. I played this game yesterday but didn't really get to review it because of how late it was.

The graphics look basic. I guess we can't fault them because they do try to look like what they're resembling e.g. windmills, gravestones, Frankenstein monsters, but... I think I'd appreciate it if they were given a bit more depth. The monsters look boxy, but I know what you were trying to do with them.

The music... I can see what you're trying to do with it, but I find it's the wrong instrumentation for it. This sort of game warrants the music from the Mario Wii and U Ghost Houses in the way of feel. That bass sounds... I don't know, eeeeeh. A short, detached organ would have done the trick, and would have given us the spooks.

What's worse is that in battle, there's no fitting battle music -- there's absolutely nothing! It feels... empty. Even an ambient sound would've done the trick... I mean, what would you hear when you went into a graveyard? You wouldn't hear complete silence like this -- the wind would be rustling in the trees every now and then. There may be crickets. If not, you could just hear the breeze if and when it blows.

The gameplay is nice. It's a simple, turn-based RPG almost. The mechanics are simple, and there's nothing wrong with simplicity. We would have appreciated different animations for normal / strong attacks, etc.

Overall, the game is in full working order, but could do with a lot more atmosphere to it.


t4upl responds:

I tried to create proper combat music, I thought about rock tune but music generators made all music so terribly happy so I gave up.

I never thought about organs - that would work really well for map screen. I have mixed feelings about the wind sound, that would require using sfx libraries and that is forbidden during compo.

Game was supposed to have more life in it (on map: lightning in the sky, moving windmills) . Given the timelapse I concentrated on combat mechanics and just prayed that it will work.