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nice :)

This was definitely hilarious, I liked every single way of dying, also very fluid animation.

Its funny because you cant do that in real life

Been there done that. At least the animation was nice but come on man you could be doing better than overused Minecraft jokes

This was a good laugh, especially to someone who recently started playing Minecraft with his kids. I've been going on and on about how that game is treated as being educational, but kids learn stuff like "EATING RAW CHICKEN IS OKAY", and "YOU CAN PUNCH FIRE".

Here's a conversation (you can feel free to steal) that happened over this game:

Me to my kids: "So I noticed if you feed wheat to two cows, they fall in love and have a calf. But if you take a couple of buckets, you can milk BOTH of those cows. Tell me what's wrong with that..."

My wife (totally deadpan): "That's not milk..."

very funny