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At first I was like meh, but the last one sold it. Well done!

This was lots of fun. I loved how you saved the best for last. The animation is awesome too. It seemed like the last two weren't realistic at all. You simply couldn't have that happen to you in real life. I still appreciate how funny it is.

Minecraft is just so immensely popular. Everything was moving so wonderfully in this. It's great to so much stuff going on. You have no clue what will show up next. The colors were awesome as well.

Perfect lol.

The animation was a little rough, but good enough, sound effects were solid. Good job on it.

i fn loved this

cool that you could take a dried out concept and still be funny with it.

MarcyVF responds:

haha, glad you thought so... we've been wanting to do this for a long time and are big fans of minecraft, but we've been too busy to make this untill now.