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I was sold on that punching animation; that look of determination on his face as he tries to solve his problems by repeatedly hitting things was just so funny. Overall I thought the whole work was excellent, and that the characters expression was so effective for communicating the scene.

MarcyVF responds:

why thank you sir! :)

humour not so great but like it!
sound effects are amazing
animation is well drawn gives it its own style!

I liked the animation and art style, maybe not so much for the writing in some places, but the cartoon is enjoyble.

Pretty solid, although you started and ended with your weakest jokes. The rest was pretty great since it applied real world logic, but the creeper jokes are overdone and predictable.

The waterfall gag was the best in my opinion.

MarcyVF responds:

That's very helpful, thanksies!!!

I have only played it once, but I understand the ideas well enough, which says something for how well expressed they are. It made me smile a little- I don't exaggerate, so that is fine.
The art was appropriate and the sounds were very good, the timing was perfect, so yeah, good stuff, nothing I would particularly change.