Reviews for "Los Angeles Shark"

Love these games!

Always fun and unique

more ples

The Shark collection shoud be unleashed in PS4 and Xbox! \o/

I love to see that furious shark appearing in the screen's left everytime I jump out of the ocean, it kinda reminds me of those funny gag videos full of memes doing prettymuch the same thing, just being there to create a immersing show! Shark is a meme on it's own.

ya a new one but hey guys hold e

You know, the original concept was good, but I feel it's been milked well and dry at this point. Each next installment seems to add very little in the means of features, content, and new encounters.

A bit of fun and a few giggles, sure. Iconic at this point? Absolutely, but innovative or worth coming back per installment? I wouldn't really say so, personally

Hope to see more innovative works again off into the future... we'll see what happens.

6/10, 3/5 ~WCCC

lol k