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Reviews for "Los Angeles Shark"

the loading is look like Gta lol

Wiesi, we miss ya. Where have you been?

Wiesi responds:

I took a little creative break, but right now I'm working on something new! Thanks for your comment and please stay tuned! :)

Today's Special of the Day will be the city of Los Angeles with a side of fear and destruction.

The gameplay can get repetitive but not the worst. The animations are not that good, The map is boring and the whole game can get boring fast! No other content at all! But if you want a 5 minute time waster this game is great!

you need to port all these games to steam and finish time shark and put it in there these games are some top tier stuff and even tho theyre 5 minutes a pop i would still pay money for it make a kickstarter or something i dont care just make it it would be awesome also you havent made a game in 4 years whats up with that