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Reviews for "Los Angeles Shark"

I have local high score!!!

the outraging shark was born

cewl i gess

By far my favorite instalation of this series, LA shark is perhaps the most exciting of them all considering it takes place in CA <3 and had a lot of laughs with all the references.
People always complain about the game play being the same but thats why i like it, the only change i want is the locations, that being said i hope you do one in the Mediterrenian sea with references like greek mythology , vikings ,sea monsters and such. Cant wait

Wiesi responds:

That's a good idea! I will mention your name in the credits!

I have enjoyed all of the Shark games and this one is by far the most challenging & exciting one in the series. They get better and better as time goes by. L.A. Shark is the best one so far! I highly recommend this game. It is a totally killer game!