Reviews for "Los Angeles Shark"

By far my favorite instalation of this series, LA shark is perhaps the most exciting of them all considering it takes place in CA <3 and had a lot of laughs with all the references.
People always complain about the game play being the same but thats why i like it, the only change i want is the locations, that being said i hope you do one in the Mediterrenian sea with references like greek mythology , vikings ,sea monsters and such. Cant wait

Wiesi responds:

That's a good idea! I will mention your name in the credits!

I have enjoyed all of the Shark games and this one is by far the most challenging & exciting one in the series. They get better and better as time goes by. L.A. Shark is the best one so far! I highly recommend this game. It is a totally killer game!

im so glad that shark is back
and for the ones that say
"is the same thing"
well just dont play it
you did a good work there Wiesi
keep it up

thanks Mausland, it feels good playing another shark game. and unlike how you did Medieval Shark, you went back to the basics. here's hoping LA doesn't sue you for this satire game like Austrailia did

Same :/