Reviews for "Zone-Tan's Leaked Sex Tape"

The ending line was priceless and also good animation

This is amazing!!! Loved it!!! Here's hoping you will make more like this!!!

i dont think that you can watch me miss zone-tan !

Actually good one. Enjoyed it a lot. I was really confused whether it was official or not. Even if it's not from ZONE it's pretty cool (I'm not a fan of ZONE, to tell the truth). It's fun, sexy, varied and detailed... and weird. Cumming dildos? LOL! This is like PSG. Hilarious. Laughed and fapped a lot. But it'd have been great if it had more new voice over. The comments section is stupid tho. Come on, kids, we know you're scared. Just don't press that big red button. It's dangerous. I liked to push big red buttons too when I was young. Little did I know... And READ THIS LONG RED LINE UNDER THE REPLY FIELD.
No, there's no fetishes. Tentacle hentai is not really a fetish. It is when it's guro (geese, I know that stuff... Sex and killing must be seperated. No, really).
Don't know why ZONE didn't make something like this. Like, he/she does some pics with ZT. Probably just don't have time.
And your replys are hilarious!