Reviews for "Zone-Tan's Leaked Sex Tape"

dayum son where did u find dat...
in all seriousness top notch on the animation. would have been cool if you somehow got caxx or a close sounding girl to do custom lines but hey work with what you got right?
keep up the good work

I am just going to call you Fry from now on... is that alright? I hope so.

P.S. The Animation was awesome the time stamp at the bottom was a nice touch

FINALLY SOMEONE WITH SOME BALLS! I've been waiting to see a good animator take on zone(not in a confrontational or annoying way, just to make something that a lot of people assume is sacred) and this is phenomenal. pretty much everything comes together in a significant way. fucking EXXERRENT!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure no girl will ever laugh playfully if you cum on her face so I am declaring Zone-tan the boner Queen of the Internet

I liked it, except her eyes somethings about them kinda....bugged me.