Reviews for "Zone-Tan's Leaked Sex Tape"

i'm actually kinda impressed by the voicework. for a moment at the beginning i thought that was Caxx (until i see the credits list)

Freakorama1 responds:

80% of Zone-tan's voice was Caxx, taken from ZTV episodes.

Just came here after watching ZTV News 8 ^_^ Great piece of hentai.

I loves work, I wish Zone would make a parody sex game of the Seven deadly Sins Anime/Manga with Meliodas and Elizabeth, or Ban and Elaine.

Well done animation work and the woman looks good. And no, not any woman that has less then a DD+++-cup looks like she could be underage to me.
Less then a DD-cup looks like a woman that could actually exist in reallife. Instead of all those blownup out of proportion barbie dolls -->floating<-- on the net. Shame there aint no anal as usual in this video tho.

what is my life after seening this........plz......end me