Reviews for "Finger Painting"

It's a funny cartoon (particularly toward the end) and you did a good job on this overall but you really shouldn't blind-link to other websites, even your own.

After this plays, it auto-opens a website where you can buy his music CD. Now I realize you'll want people to look at your music and perhaps buy it if they're interested, but you should put a clickable link at the end or something, not just auto-load it in people's browsers.

Hopefully after you see this review you will edit the submission so it has a clickable link at the end, rather than automatically redirecting people.

LazyMuffin responds:

yeah i fixed that, it wasn't on purpose. sorries.

I really enjoyed the voice acting and animation.

That was Awesome!WHACK! GREAT!WHACK! COOL!WHACK AMAING! yeah, that's... that's what i ment... amazin... WHACK! *5 of 5 and full rate from me Muffin :P*


there real...

Nailed it with the humor, I really liked it.