Reviews for "{dj-N} Maelstrom"

Good job but...

the music sounds a little bit "dark" which i don't like. (my opinion so don't flame)
but still... your creations are great.

yeah ! this is a true music

I love it!!! your song is going to my ipod now!!!


Now dont get me wrong or anything, but i dont like electronic music much, but when i came across this, it kinda perked me up a bit. I was like wow, this may be a good song titlewise, and now that i listened to it, im getting the vibe. the whole idea of the song is great. i say you deserve a 10/10, 5/5.

Another kickass song!

Maelstrom.... a kickass name for a kickass song made by a badass mixer :D
keep up the great work sonny. lol doesnt need improvement haha

there somthing i like about this song

in all of your songs i try to find "it" that factor that hits me and make me love it. this song has "it"