Reviews for "{dj-N} Maelstrom"

nice, but whats up with that bass beat?

the main lead(heck, i call it the mean lead, non bass thingies :P)is alright,
try listening to the track without the bass beats, and then try to add the bass carefully as slightly as you can :).
becuase near the beginning of the track the bass gets to much control off the mainlead, but as far as i can tell the ml is what needs to get on top, then around middle when the bass drops and a vox comes in, then the bass should go down a few notes.

heck, I ain't no expert in disecting music but thats what i can make up of it, i hope the explenation ain't to crappy and is understandable XD.

overall it's catchy(really, i've been humming that beginning tune all day long >_<)
it's good and clear.
and i always give high scores not only becuase the song rocks but also becuase over time 0 voters come who can't get good scores themselves and try to ruin other people's scores so there scores don't look that bad.
*smites 0-voters*

ps: when are you online(gmt time please, i live in belgium so time might be different >_>)?

phew, well that's the end of the review, hope it helped *somehow* :D.

dj-Nate responds:

That was long.

*Haha, that's what she said."


Lol, make a track called that, :P

oooo, i hope this can have a nice, climactic bassline drop in it. You know what i mean? the bass is like normal>up>normal>lower, after a certain point in the track, you could have the bassline completely drop like 2 keys (semitones? whatever, :P) and i think it'd be cool. I do however like that ultimate-bass nonsense break thing, lol, it was pretty hard.

XD nice job.

LOL, we should collab and call the track "Hardtastic" :P its an idea, ;)

dj-Nate responds:

Hardtastic it is.

Needs work onli in few areas

Needs work on:
-More bass if u can
-Think of a journey when you`re creatin a track
-Longer than 2-3mins(unless NG wont let you)
-Expand tracks from more than just loops
by all means use loops jus add more variety into `em

dj-Nate responds:

Fo rizzle my nizzle dizzle.

Good song

I like the bassline and the beat. The synths were alright. Where did you get that cheering sound?

This is catchy. I liked it. Change the bass though, it sounds too familiar. Mix it up a bit. Anyway, great song. Check out some of my stuff!


dj-Nate responds:

I shall.