Reviews for "Hero of the Blue"

4 stars because its a cool little game, and i love the way the dude walks around and how he positions his arms.

the reason its not a 5 star game is because there was a lot of things i was expecting that i didn't see, as well as some broken game mechanics.

Let me start with the broken game mechanics. The game gets harder the more people you kill. And the harder the game is, the harder it is to get ammo. So this encourages the player to grind for ammo with out killing anyone until he gets a surplus to start. That's not fun, but its the only way to get far. To fix this, simply make the game get harder as time goes on instead. Not by kill count. Also your range of view is to limited, it needs to zoom out more so you have an actual chance to plan for incoming enemys.

Things that i was expecting that i didn't see: shooting mobs, team mates, rival team competition. This game needs shooting mobs for once you get really far, as kinda the final hard mob. When you said "rival color clans" i was under the assumption i had a clan of my own. it would be cool if you ran into other blue guys who you needed to protect and they help you get kills until they die. Lastly i was expecting "rival clans" to fight each other as well. This would be really cool to come across a huge black vs red fight and shoot your way through it.

Also i want to address 2 misleading things that should be tweaked.

#1: yellow guys are on my side? why is a rival color clan giving me ammo when i hug them? why is yellow on my side, but theres no blue anywhere on my side?
#2: SWEET medics are here. Let me just catch one of thoes white guys with a red cross on their chest which is the universal sign of a medic... the white rival clan looks to much like medics. Dont hug them, they will kill you. Game maker should fix this. Make them green clan.

Side note for players: it seems the best way to do well in this game is to hoard ammo at the start, collect as much as you can with out killing ANYONE, then start the game from an open area and DONT MOVE. Its to easy to get hit by a mob while in motion.

That was surprisingly fun.

Kinda reminds me of the boxhead games for some reason.

really fun and smooth game play...well done!

Awesome game i got 163 kills :D

good game like it

FabianJarrett responds:

thanks :D