Reviews for "Full Circle"

Hello I'm the Oscars and congrats you won.

Killer rad! It put a smile on my face, and weird ideas in my head. Congrats on your hard work. This is lovely.

Easily the highlight of ClockDay for me this year. Fantastic presentation all over. Great job.

One of the few Clock crew day 2015 cartoons I actually enjoyed.
I feel most of the other Clock Crew flash or videos are up voted because they were Clock Crew.

This had a cool but kinda hard to follow story, and the cartoon was a nice homage to the Clock Crew cartoons of yesteryear.

wow, an amazing movie about time, life and death!
what a wonderful movie!
i also got sad when carrot clock got shot. who shot him?
and also, when the clock's gathered up in the clock altar, you designed EPIC 3-D effects! how did you do those? with blender, poser, or by using an other program/methods?

seriously, this was very well done, it was creative, beautiful, true and genius!
a great tribute to the clockcrew, and a glorious film to remember...
a great clockday tribute!

keep creating epic clock movies, you have alot of skils!
happy clockday!