Reviews for "Full Circle"

Easily the highlight of ClockDay for me this year. Fantastic presentation all over. Great job.

Killer rad! It put a smile on my face, and weird ideas in my head. Congrats on your hard work. This is lovely.

I was expecting a movie about the Clock Crew to be called Full Circlejerk, but this was super cool and way longer than expected. Love the SockPuppet mouth animation almost more than I love being alive

This just became my favorite Clock Day 2015 submission! I just think that this really summed up what you guys stand for. I am so glad you have this website to express yourself like this. Happy Clock Day 2015! My favorite part was probably at the very end. It's just nice to see all you guys together.

I knew you'd be SockPuppetClock and not just SockClock. I guess you have come full circle. This should win Daily Feature. You're all seen so well here. I loved all the effects with the giant clock cloud. Well, I'm not quite sure what it was. May we on live on forever!

Hello I'm the Oscars and congrats you won.