Reviews for "Strawberry Dodge Pixel Redux"


B the best you can B.

1. Focus on your surroundings. SBC is the King of the Portal, and in this game the universe follows suit, revolving around him. So watch him out of your peripheral while you watch the trajectory of his lost comrades.

B. Take the path of least resistance. Often it's better to stay in place while a single lock brushes against you. Sure, you'll take some damage, but it can be better than finding yourself in the middle of a group.

3. Don't B a square. Remember that you can move diagonally. Don't just press up, down, left and right. Try to get used to using diagonals regularly, it'll help.

4. Save your B's. Let your healing B's float around for a while. Rushing after them will be more of a hindrance than anything. Use them when healing from them will actually be effective based on your damage taken.

5. Weave in and out, and use the corners. Take advantage of openings in multiple trajectories. Also, if you pay attention to where the locks bounce, you might find that corners and walls are often safest.

Think that's all I got. Happy B day!

Hacsev responds:

Best Review Ever! Congrats on the High Score!

9 got the doging skill achivement but 7 people get 2500 pts in the hight score. seems legit. But still, good game

Hacsev responds:

I beta tested the medals along with Lianne-the-Cat. I removed our scores because the game had an issue previously. That's why only 7 out of 9 users that have the achievement appear in the scoreboard. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Great game, the art is really good. Although its not that fun it is a good way to spend wasting time in college. Don't tell my teachers please.

good game i like the dodging style but is very difficult i know that that is the point of the game but to be the best you will have to calculate where is gonna be each fruit and nobody has time to think all of that in the mind unless you are lianne-the-cat but good work :)

Hacsev responds:

Sorry about that, lianne-the-cat was for beta testing purposes, I thought the scores would reset once the game was published. Thanks for the review!